Related Facebook groups

Facebook has become an incredible resource for groups related to technology, culture, history, etc. (and humor) that are related with genealogical interests.  Please refer to these groups for more information.  Some of the groups are open and some are closed, requiring acceptance for admission.

American Finnish People (~9.5k+ members)

Finland - Estonia - Ingria - Karelia (60k+ members)

Harrastuksena sukututkimus (~6.7k+ members)

Northern European Genealogy Research Community (~1.8k members)

The Organized Genealogist (~31k members)

Siirtolaiset - Finnish Emigrants (~2.8k+ members)

Suomen kirkkoja ja hautausmaita ("Finnish churches and cemeteries;" ~6.6k+ members)

Suomen Sukuhistoriallinen yhdistys (~7.3k+ members)

Suomen Sukututkimusseuran keskusteluryhmä (~6.7k+ members)

Technology for Genealogy (~22k+ members)

Yhteiset sukujuuret (~12k+ members)

Other references: Katherine R Willson's Genealogy on Facebook

Membership numbers approximate; updated 13 Oct 2018