Index records

HisKi Project

HisKi — a project of the Genealogy Society of Finland — is a database of transcribed records from the original Finnish parish records.

According to their website: "All feedback is welcome by e-mail to address"

Emigrant Register

The Emigrant Register — a service of the Finnish Institute of Migration — is a database of Finns leaving Finland, primarily in the early part of the 20th century.

Images of primary sources

Finland's Family History Association

The imaged parish records are available from Finland's Family History Association (FFHA) [Finnish: Suomen Sukuhistoriallien Yhdistys (SSHY)] in two services: the free access records and the more extensive paid access records.

Digital Archives

The Digital Archives of the National Archives of Finland is made available by the Government of Finland.

This collection is perhaps more difficult to navigate without a better knowledge of Finnish.


Digihakemisto ("digital index") is an experiment to crowdsource the making of indexes for the church records and other documents found in the National Archives' Digitaaliarkisto [the Digital Archives linked above].

The use of this site does not require any registration; it is open to everybody.  It is also not affiliated with the National Archives.

Research archives

Immigration History Research Center Archives

The Immigration History Research Center and Archives is housed in the Elmer L. Anderson Building on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Finnish American Historical Archive

The Finnish American Historical Archive is housed at the Finnish American Heritage Center (FAHC) at Finlandia University — formerly Suomi College — in Hancock MI.

Important Facebook resources

Finnish Genealogy

A research group for genealogy and related DNA, created by Mary Lukkarila on May 12, 2008.

[Full disclosure: Greg became a co-admin on April 09, 2017.]

Searching for the Earliest Finnish Immigrants 1864-1867

A research group to share information on the earliest Finnish immigrants and celebrate the 150th anniversary.

[Full disclosure: Greg created and maintains this group.]

Scandinavian Genealogical Research Center

A resource-sharing group created April 10, 2015 for the professional work of Kim Melchior, formerly AG® certified.

[Full disclosure: Greg became a co-admin in 2017.]

Northern Europe Genealogy Research Community

A research group for all the Nordic nations created February 13, 2015 by Caleb Love.

Finnish Genealogy Group (FGG) of Minnesota

A social media group intended for the members of the Finnish Genealogy Group (FGG) of Minnesota.  A new website for the group is in development, anticipated by Summer 2017.

[Full disclosure: Greg and Abram are proud to be members of FGG. Abram and Greg are working together on the FGG website project.]

Suomen Historia

A general page for sharing important aspects of Finnish history, many items of which would be of interest to Finnish family history researchers, started March 09, 2013.

Family Facebook groups

General resources

Family Search Swedish terms

Finnish records prior to 1880s were commonly in Swedish.

Family Search Finnish terms

More recent Finnish records are commonly in Finnish.

Family Search Latin terms

Many older Finnish records have terms even in Latin.

Harri Hirvelä's links to terms, names, etc.

Excellent resources.

University almanac archives

Featuring the years 1608-1999 [links in right column for 1900s, 1800s, 1700s, and 1600s back to 1608] > Access almanac pages directly with this formula /1C00/1CYYMM.gif (C=6-9; YY=00-99; MM=01-12) like the example here for August 1854 >

Modern calendar formatting for Finland; just change desired year.

[Note: in the Finnish calendar format, the week starts on MONDAY.]

Religious holiday dates

A reference for religious holiday dates in Sweden and Finland: http://dinslä [in Swedish]

Movable Feast Days

Another reference from Family Search: Swedish/Finnish religious calendar.

Finnish newspapers

Finnish newspapers in Finnish and Swedish from National Library's digital collection.

Finnish language resources

From the Foreign Service Institute (FSI).

Finnish American Aapinen

Kuva-aapinen (1918) [rotate image as needed to view]
courtesy of Dale Wilen from his father Edwin Wilen, b 1909 Gackle ND

Finn.St Family History page

Old link page from Greg's Finn.St website.

Finnish Genealogy Books

Finnish Genealogical Research

The landmark book from FinnFest 1994 DeKalb IL by Timothy Laitala Vincent and Rick Tapio.

[On; neither nor Finnesota LLC nor Greg Isola personally is an affiliate of the Amazon service.  Yet, at least.]

Modern Finnish Genealogy

A new reference book by Greg Isola, anticipated in 2019.