Grape Ancestry
and Descendants

The Grape family (pronounced 'graw-peh) is a German ancestral line particularly in Finland originating from a single emigrant: Arendt Grape [III*] b 1612 in Lübeck in northern Germany. He originally immigrated into Stockholm, Sweden, in 1629 at the age of 17.  Years later in 1641, in Västerås, he married Clara Reuter.  They then settled in northern Finland in 1649 where he established the Kengis bruk ironworks with two Dutch business partner brothers, Abraham and Jacob Momma.

The Grape family is now spread worldwide.  This list begins to summarize the descendant lines.

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Arendt Grape [I*]
+ Elizabeth
Arendt Grape [II*]
+ Anna Heinrichstochter Hintze
Arendt Grape [III*]
+ Clara Johansdotter Reuter

[ *after-the-fact genealogic designation
because of three being direct ancestors ]

b 1540 Lübeck Germany d 1600 Lübeck Germany
b 1556 Lübeck Germany d 1587 Lübeck Germany
b 1585 Lübeck Germany d 24 Mar 1666 Lübeck Germany
b 1586 Lübeck Germany d 1640 ?Lübeck
b 21 Sep 1612 Lübeck Germany d 20 Dec 1687 Nautapuoti Fi
b 25 Jun 1625 Västerås Sw d 24 Aug 1692 Nautapuoti Fi

Note: Clara's paternal grandparents and maternal grandfather were all born in Västerås Sw but her maternal grandmother's origins are more uncertain, requiring more information.

  •  children
    • grandchildren
      • great-grandchildren

The children of Arendt [III] and Clara (Reuter) Grape were likely 1/2 German and 1/2 Swedish.

  • Margareta
  • Johan
  • Arendt
  • Johan
  • Anna
  • Henrik
  • Brita
  • Clara
  • Jakob
  • Salomon Arendtsson + Margareta Isaksdr Curtilia
    • Margareta Salomonsdr + Michel Henriksson Korteniemi
  • Abraham
  • Petter
  • Lorentz
  • Nils