Our grandparents have been the main subjects of my years of research since 1978.  It may be 'commonsense' and certainly true of all full siblings but likely something that most people (outside of the genealogy field) have not really ever considered: my siblings and I have an entirely unique set of ancestors in all of history for all time, from our parents back to the very beginning of time.  No one else at all has the same combination of ancestors.

As the youngest child of older parents and the youngest grandchild of our grandparents, I was very fortunate to have known both of our grandpas August and Emil.  Our grandma Sigrid knew me but I am the only grandchild who does not remember her at all.  And our grandma Caroline is only an historic name to us because she had died even before our parents ever met.

In the common ahnentafel (German: 'ancestor table' or 'chart') system of genealogy charts and numbering, the starting person - yourself on the first chart - is numbered 1.  Your father is 2 and your mother 3; ours are not shown here for some minimal amount of identity security.  Going onward, in the next generation, the next father is 2x the child and the next mother is 2x+1.  So our grandparents are numbered 4, 5, 6, and 7; our great-grandparents are 8 through 15, etc.

We have been and are connected with distant cousins throughout the world: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and even further full cousins and those in generations removed.


Paternal grandfather: 4 August ISOLA  |  Paternal grandmother: 5 Caroline NYMAN
Maternal grandfather: 6 Oscar 'Emil' MATTIE  |  Maternal grandmother: 7 Sigrid Johanna PUTTONEN MATTSON

** These tables below are under construction **